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Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Intracameral Silicone Device to Guide Capsulorrhexis Creation
First Author: Harvey UY


Quantitative Evaluation of Red Reflex Between Nearly Collimated Beam and Focused Beam Microscope Illumination Systems for Cataract Surgery
First Author: Ramon DIMALANTA
Co-Author(s): David LUBECK


Safe and Simple Simcoe-Assisted Nucleus Hydroprolapsing in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery




Autologous Advanced Tenon Grafting Combined With Conjunctival Flap in Scleromalacia After Pterygium Excision
First Author: Jong Soo LEE
Co-Author(s): Young Min PARK


Intrastromal Fluid Drainage With Air Tamponade: Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography–Guided Technique for Management of Acute Corneal Hydrops
First Author: Vishal JHANJI
Co-Author(s): Rasik VAJPAYEE, Namrata SHARMA, Prafulla MAHARANA, Tushar AGARWAL


Novel Clinical Application of Processed Amniotic Membrane Allograft Transplant During Pterygium Surgery
First Author: Harvey UY
Co-Author(s): Kenneth KENYON, Headson DOMINGO, Richard NEPOMUCENO


The White Abyss
First Author: Namrata SHARMA
Co-Author(s): Tarun ARORA, Tushar AGARWAL, Prafulla MAHARANA, Vishal JHANJI, Rasik VAJPAYEE




Open Globe Repair With Traumatic Cataract: Dos and Don'ts
First Author: Rekha KHANDELWAL
Co-Author(s): Sumit GUPTA




Glaucoma Drainage Implant in an Eye With Preexisting Scleral Buckle and Secondary Glaucoma
First Author: Sirisha SENTHIL
Co-Author(s): Rashmi KRISHNAMURTHY


Techniques of Releasable Sutures in Trabeculectomy
First Author: Suria SUDHAKARAN
Co-Author(s): A.v. Sathi DEVI




A "Third Eye" in Glaucoma Surgeries: Real-Time Optical Coherence Tomography–Guided Surgery
First Author: Rajesh KUMAR
Co-Author(s): A.v. Sathi DEVI, Rohit SHETTY


Simple, Inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Methods of Taking Fundus Photos in Human and Animal Eyes of Various Sizes and Explanation of the Physics Involved
First Author: John AKKARA




Cortical Aspiration – A Clean Sweep
First Author: Viraj VASAVADA
Co-Author(s): Vandana C NATH, Shail VASAVADA, Abhay VASAVADA, Vaishali VASAVADA




Enucleation by the Myoconjuctival Technique – A Simple, Cost-Effective, and Safe Alternative to Biointegrated Implants
First Author: Raksha RAO
Co-Author(s): Santosh HONAVAR, Chalamala JANGAIAH, Gangadhar JALLI


Evaluation and Management of Aponeurotic Ptosis: A Step-by-Step Guide
First Author: Sonal CHAUGULE
Co-Author(s): Santosh HONAVAR, Raksha RAO, Chalamala JANGAIAH


In a Tight Corner: Challenge of the Tight Muscle
First Author: Srikanth RAMASUBRAMANIAN
Co-Author(s): Meenakshi GOPALAKRISHNAN


Minimal Incision Posterior Approach Levator Plication For Aponeurotic Ptosis
First Author: Danny NG
Co-Author(s): Edwin CHAN, Simon KO


Synkinetic Ptosis Made Simple
First Author: Vishal SHARMA
Co-Author(s): Santosh HONAVAR, Fairooz Puthiyapurayil MANJANDAVIDA


Transconjuctival Orbitotomy – Tips and Tricks
First Author: Raksha RAO
Co-Author(s): Santosh HONAVAR, Gangadhar JALLI, Chalamala JANGAIAH




Dye Extrusion Technique in a Challenging Case of Posterior Pole Retinal Detachment
First Author: Jay CHHABLANI
Co-Author(s): Remya PAULOSE


Bimanual Vitrectomy for Diabetic Combined Retinal Detachment 
First Author: Jay CHHABLANI
Co-Author(s): Riddhima DESHPANDE


In Toto Removal of a Subretinal Cysticercus cellulosae by Pars Plana Vitrectomy
First Author: Ravi BYPAREDDY
Co-Author(s): Shreays TEMKAR, Rohan CHAWLA


Induced Lamella Macular Hole as a New Treatment for Persistent Cystoid Macualar Edema
First Author: Ning LU


Pearl From Treasure of Retina
First Author: Hussain KHAQAN


Surgical Videos of Intraocular Foreign Body Removal
First Author: Bhuvan CHANANA
Co-Author(s): Vinod KUMAR, Sudhank BHARTI


Use of Silicone Oil Retention Sutures in Retinal Detachment Surgery in an Eye With Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy, Aniridia, and Aphakia After Open Globe Injury
First Author: Shaheeda MOHAMED
Co-Author(s): Chi-wai TSANG


Vitrectomy for Posttraumatic Vitreous Hemorrhage With Associated Macular Pathology
First Author: Bhuvan CHANANA