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We thank the following sponsors for their support of APAO Congress 2016:

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Alcon Inc.

Clinico Inc.

Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Taiwan Hwa-In Ent. Co., Ltd

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Novartis Pharma AG

As a pharmaceutical company specialized in the field of ophthalmology, Santen Pharmaceutical is dedicated to improving the eyesight and health of people. Santen maintains the greatest share in Japan’s prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market. This is a result of the Company’s constant efforts in “Creation and Innovation” throughout the past over 120-year history.

Santen is carrying out its business in 12 countries worldwide, and its products are sold in over 70 countries. Santen produces around 300 million bottles* of ophthalmic solutions each year at four manufacturing sites – Noto and Shiga in Japan, Suzhou (China) and Tampere (Finland). That makes us a world leader in the production of ophthalmic solutions.

We are pursuing various strategies in order to achieve our long term strategic vision towards 2020, to become a Specialized Pharmaceutical Company with a Global Presence. To realize this vision, we are strengthening our pipeline of compounds for development, building a global clinical development system, and investing in the development of new businesses in the rapidly growing markets in Europe and Asian countries including Japan, where we can best maximize our strengths.

Santen is committed to developing innovative ophthalmologic drugs that contribute to the improvement of QOL (Quality of Life) and QOV (Quality of Vision) of patients around the world. Santen creates competitive therapies by selectively channeling resources into three therapeutic categories-corneal and conjunctival epithelial disorders, glaucoma and hypertension, and retinal disorders-as we deem these markets to have high unmet medical needs and strong growth prospects.

Since medical needs vary significantly in the different markets around the world, we aim to enhance pipeline, raise the probability of success, and boost productivity to shorten development times, for the purpose of rapidly developing differentiated products that satisfy unmet medical needs. By focusing our efforts on ophthalmology and related areas, we will develop scientific knowledge and organizational capabilities that are unique and original to Santen.

Based in Taiwan, Clinico Inc. was founded by Mr. Barry Lin in 1986. The business started with the distribution of ophthalmic products and then grew to cover both the eye and ear care business. Based on the shared culture and language, we expanded into China in 1991. In the increasing elderly population, hearing is another symptom of aging, so we became involved in the ear care business in Taiwan in 1992 and then in China in 1995.

In ancient Chinese folk culture, there were two spirits: one with big eyes who could see things far away and another with long ears who could hear things far away. We chose them as mascots to symbolize the features of our business and bring us good luck.

To respond to customers quickly, we operate 39 offices in greater China (4 in Taiwan, 34 in China and 1 in Hong Kong) and employ 400 workers. To ensure the reliability and quality of our service, we are certified by national and international service standards, for instance, ISO 9002 in 1999 (the first medical device distributor certified in Asia), Good Service Practice (GSP), ISO 13485, Qualicert and many more.
These certifications are recognized by the Taiwan FDA.

Our staff is Clinico’s most valuable asset. We practice a management style influenced by Chinese philosophy and Confucianism to minimize the turnover rate. Senior employees who have worked for the company over 10 years make up 15% of our total number of employees.

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we use technological developments such as e-learning platforms, CRM, online conference systems and electronic communications to save paper and reduce operating costs. This also allows us to grow our business rapidly and manage it more efficiently. To give back to society, we hire people with disabilities, offer scholarships to students, sponsor foundations (such as Orbis) and take part in social welfare activities.

Our mission:
• To adhere to the principle of managing our business honestly and righteously
• To develop the biggest eye and ear care network in greater China
• To provide total solutions for eye and ear care services to enable people to see and hear better

We are successful because of our supportive partners, well-trained staff, strong infrastructure and far-reaching network. Eye and ear care is our life’s work, and we do believe that “a customer-satisfaction orientation is the best policy.”

Bayer is an international, research-based company specialising in health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.

It has operated in Australia since 1925 and has a long term commitment to the health of all Australians, the agricultural industry and the welfare of animals, large and small.

Bayer is deeply committed to research and development and has a strong tradition of innovation with over 5,000 products and services.

The company’s focus on people, partnerships and innovation underpins all aspects of its operations, consistent with its mission, “Bayer: Science For A Better Life”.

Established in 1978, Hwa-in is a subsidiary of the Canadian company Tigu. Hwa-in is the biggest medical investor and distributor of ophthalmology instruments in Taiwan. Our mission includes the following goals: developing the market, caring for society, assuring product quality, providing professional services, and operating with a passion to serve the field of ophthalmology. We strive for new product specialties, efficiency, and most importantly, the greater good of humankind.